Results vary per individual, heavily depending on the original skin colour. For some, visible changes in skin colour are evident in as early as two weeks from taking SkinW3hite®. On average, evidence of skin lightening can be seen in one to two months. Through regular supplementation, SkinW3hite® has been shown to lighten the skin up to three times its original colour.

The type and amount of melanin (dark pigmentation) synthesised by the body determine the colour of one’s skin. SkinW3hite®’s proprietary ingredients help create less melanin, while also producing light-coloured melanin called ‘pheomelanin’, instead of dark-coloured melanin, to whiten the skin further. This functions through:

  • Blocking chemical reactions that form melanin
  • Lightening any melanin produced by the body
  • Stopping chemical reactions triggered by the sun’s UV rays
  • Detoxifying the liver to prevent and remove liver spots

Yes. Naturally, skin darkens over time regardless of the colour we are born with, due to exposure to elements such as sunlight, heavy metals, and free radicals. As Glutathione causes the skin to produce lighter-coloured pheomelanin instead, those born with darker skin tone will be able to achieve lighter skin over a period of time.

SkinW3hite®’s ingredients have been documented to improve liver health – helping increase liver enzymatic antioxidants, improving cellar liver detoxification, and excreting harmful substances. It contributes to the liver detoxification required to maintain good health. SkinW3hite® also protects skin against photo-oxidative stress and UV-induced skin damages, including soothing sunburned skin.

SkinW3hite® is not a drug, nor does it contain harmful chemicals. Glutathione is naturally present in the body and can also be found in very small amounts in food, such as fruits, vegetables and meats. The body’s glutathione levels rapidly decreases with age, an unhealthy lifestyle and an unbalanced diet. Supplementing the body with glutathione is therefore beneficial to one’s health and skin complexion. Ingredients in SkinW3hite® are considered food supplements and safe to consume. Glutathione has been awarded the FDA GRAS status (Generally Recognised As Safe) and is manufactured from Torula yeast fermentation.

There are no side effects or reactions known in the prolonged use of SkinW3hite®, aside from skin whitening. Glutathione is originally known for its health benefits; its skin whitening effects were discovered ‘by accident’ by consumers who’ve noticed age spots fading and complexion growing fairer by taking glutathione.

Yes, SkinW3hite® is good for men, too, helping prevent age spots on hands and arms. Men will also benefit from SkinW3hite®’s antioxidative properties that protect against free radical damage, detoxifying properties that rid the body of toxins, immune-enhancing properties that defend against infections, as well as protective properties against degenerative diseases.

Each pack of SkinW3hite contains 250mg of glutathione and 300mg of French melon SOD (from the Cucumis Melo extract) — the ideal content ratio for liver detoxification and skin whitening.