Glutathione: The Master Antioxidant

Found in every cell of the body, glutathione is critical to preserving cellular integrity by maintaining a healthy structure and function. Glutathione is endogenously produced and utilised. As individuals, we maintain proper levels of glutathione by eating a healthy diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Glutathione is a melded molecule – a tripeptide – of the amino acids glutamate, cysteine and glucine.

However, glutathione is not infinite.

As we age, our body’s glutathione levels drop.

Lower glutathione levels are implicated in many diseases associated with aging...

A vital component of life, Glutathione

Natural & Oriented

  • Fermentation by US FDA Approved Yeast “Torula”

Cosmopolitan in nature and commonly found on dead herbaceous stems, grasses, leaves, sugar beet roots, ground nuts, oats, soils etc.

Fully regulatory complied

  • U.S. FDA GRAS Certified
  • GMP Certified (Japanese Gov.)
  • KOSHER Certified
  • HALAL Certified (MUI / JAKIM)
  • 19 patents

Aesthetic Efficacy

Mechanism of Skin Beauty

Glutathione inhibits the Tyrosinase activity and Eumelanin synthesis and increase the ratio of Pheomelanin

Inhibition of Tyrosinase

Glutathione showed the strongest effect to inhibit Tyrosinase activity

Effect of Melanin Inhibition

Glutathione can inhibit the melanin production concentration-dependently