SkinW3hite® is a Potent 3-in-1 Oral Shot for Cellular Liver Detoxification

Illuminate, and brighten your skin like an Akita beauty’s with SkinW3hite, an alternative to intravenous skin whitening Glutathione injections. Containing the unique proprietary blend of W3Vaccin – comprised of Glutathione, oral SOD from French melon and Amla extract – SkinW3hite is a superior bioavailable oral skin whitening supplement.

Shots No. 1, 2, 3

Oral Shot GeneWhite

Oral Shot MelanBloc

Oral Shot UVDefenze
Beat Blotches

Beat blotches with an infusion of potent cherry blossom granules for clear white skin like an Akita beauty’s.

What is Clear White Skin Akita Beauty?

Clear white skin like an Akita beauty’s is luminous and bright, free of skin blotches (brown and red pigments), unevenness in tone, pores, and imperfections such as UV, aged and liver spots.

Get skin as white as an Akita beauty's

When one thinks about Japanese beauty, it is the women of Akita Prefecture that come to mind. Blessed with clear white skin, the beauties of Akita exude the soft glow of fresh cherry blossoms, a unique quality attributed to the climate of Akita. Because of fewer daylight hours, Akita's women receive less exposure to skin-harsh UV rays, enabling them to maintain beautiful, clear white skin.

In addition to helping you achieve clear and beautiful Akita white skin, SkinW3hite is also:
  • Tasty
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Easily absorbed

Tests & Results

SkinW3hite®’s effectiveness has been affirmed by users around the world:

87% women satisified

87%: No. of women declaring satisfaction in the efficiency of SkinW3hite’s active substance*

7/10 experience improved quality of life

7 out of 10: No. of women reporting better quality of life at the end of supplementation, compared to the beginning*

Dark spots reduced
Supplementation of SkinW3hite®’s active ingredient has significantly reduced total facial erythema and hyperpigmentation.
  • 33%: Dark spots reduced
  • 7%: Red or brown spot pigmentation reduced
Adverse effects upon skin exposure to sun
Adverse effects upon skin exposure to sun*
  • 82% less
Skin Pigmentation
Skin Pigmentation**
  • 100%: No. of people with reduced pigmentation in area coverage and degree
  • 50%: Among of pigmentation reduced
Level of skin brightening
Level of skin brightening**
  • 100% brighter skin
Reduction in the Melanin Index and UV Spots
Reduction in the Melanin Index and UV Spots**
  • 3 Degree

* SOD/Gliadin Complex
** Glutathione